...and moving back to London after 14 years
The end of Fortress Australia?, a first birthday for Man of Contradictions, why writing is thinking, and the other love of my life
The UK's Indo-Pacific Tilt, mutual (mis)understanding between Australia and Indonesia, and what Franz Kafka tells us about Hong Kong's legal system
COVID-19 runs rampant in Indonesia, ASEAN's Rorschach test in Myanmar, the long struggle in Hong Kong and the women who changed war reporting
From a royal slipper thrown at Sir Francis Walsingham to Saddam Hussein's non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, via Napoleon's love of OSINT and…
The two faces of Indonesian democracy, Beijing's inevitable squeeze in Hong Kong, and the Washington method in Southeast Asia
Man of Contradictions hits the shelves at last...
Jokowi needs a strategy, History repeating in Southeast Asia, and Why Hong Kong will fight on
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Bundle of Contradictions